The Button Box is a quaint boutique located on Mill Street in historical Downtown Chilliwack, British Columbia.  You will discover a beautiful shop that offers delightful gifts, ladies accessories, home décor, antiques, and vintage flea market finds.  We offer an eclectic mix of decorating ideas such as romantic French Country, Modern, and Traditional.

We support local craftsmanship and pride ourselves on a nice selection of items made in Canada. Our retro-inspired colorful aprons make the perfect gift as does our handmade soaps, bulk lavender from Provence, pretty stationary, and kitchen décor.

We invite you to visit us, be inspired, and enjoy the simplicity of beautiful things.

A little story about me…

Many years ago. I found myself at a time in my life when I was presented with the difficult task of sorting and packing my Mother’s lifetime of personal belongings. She was about to be admitted into a nursing home as she was battling Alzheimers disease.

Opening her dresser drawer, I lovingly packed her most precious things. Reaching deep into the drawer, much to my delight, I came upon a treasure so dear to my heart that it brought tears to my eyes. How could I have forgotten? Time and time again, throughout my childhood, it had brought me so much pleasure. The Button Box, in all of its glory, lay before my eyes waiting to unleash the exquisite array of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. I have wonderful memories of this rather shabby, but undeniably, elegant tin box. This was particularly so, when I was home from school with the sniffles, as my Mother would offer this box as a way to keep me occupied. Slowly, I would lift the lid, my little fingers would gather the contents, and if by magic I imagined they had become jewels. I always had the option of sorting the buttons by color or I could simply swish them about by the handfuls. From shiny to fabric covered, from smooth to rough textured, with a bevy of colors galore. The beauty of these buttons was delightful but more importantly the simplicity filled a little girls heart with joy.

Years later, I fulfilled my life long dream of opening a shop. I knew that my first priority would be to give it a special name. Upon reflection, The Button Box came to mind, and in a heartbeat I knew that my quaint shop was born.